Flexible Diet |The Ultimate Guide to Dining Out and Not Blowing Your Diet

Following a diet can be hard. For a long period of time, you might give up on your favorite foods and things that you are used to eating all the time. Many people end up giving up on their diet multiple times. In an attempt to actually change our habits and lose weight, we keep searching for what might work specifically for us. One thing popular lately: Flexible Diet.

With a flexible diet, you should be able to have an easier diet. In a way that you are not compelled to give up that easily. This increases your chances of achieving your diet goals.

One of the many things that might be in the way of your diet is your social life. Going out for lunch or dinner can’t be much more complicated while on a diet. Even though you might find food options that match your diet, you are surrounded by many friends eating just what you can’t.

Being so, this article will give you 6 important tips to avoid blowing your diet while eating out. Keep reading!

  • Always eat before going out

Eating before going out for dinner might seem like a hard idea to digest. After all, we are used to not eat at all before going to a restaurant that we like. However, with an empty stomach, you will be more likely to end up ordering what might seem like the food item with the most amount of fat and calories.

You don’t necessarily need to eat a big meal before heading out. But instead, you can eat a couple of snacks before leaving the house. This way, even if you end up ordering something you shouldn’t, you will still eat way less of it because you already ate a couple of hours before.

  • Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a very popular way to optimize your weight loss journey. It helps to change your relationship with food. Not only that, but it also cleanses your body from all the food you have been eating nonstop. Thinking about it, we rarely go more than a few hours without eating. Never giving real time for our body to cleanse itself.

With intermittent fasting, you are only “allowed” to eat during certain hours of the day. During the majority of the hours, you can only drink coffee, water, and tea. This method helps you stay on track. And if you are going out for dinner tonight, you might practice the fasting a couple of times days before.

This way, even if you eat a little out of the “plan”, you will still be fine.

  • Always decide the restaurant before heading out

The worst thing someone on a diet might experience is being locked in a restaurant that has no healthy food options. You will end up surrounded by temptations and blowing your diet. This is one of the best benefits of diets such as the flexible diet. This diet allows a freer diet, not as strict.

Unlike diets such as the Vegan diet or Low Carb, you have much more options while following a Flexible diet. This way, you can find any restaurant that fits your meal plan while still enjoying a flavorful meal with friends. Always search and decide the perfect restaurant before going out to avoid any frustration.

  • Ask for water before anything else

If You are on a diet, going out can be the perfect opportunity to just eat whatever you want. So even if you are initially planning on just eat a little bit or stay healthy, it is easy to fall in temptation. One very helpful tip is to order water before anything else.

Drink plenty of it before your actual meal. This way, you will already be kind of full once your food arrives. If you combine this tip with the snack before leaving your home, it is almost guaranteed that you will be able to enjoy a nice dinner out without blowing your diet.

  • Order a salad or appetizers to start

After you had your water, instead of ordering a big hamburger or French fries order a plate of salad or appetizers. The goal here is to enjoy a nice meal but in small amounts and slowly. If you order a big meal right away chances are that you are going to eat the whole plate. By ordering the food slowly, you are giving your body time to feel full and appreciate the meal step by step. First with the water, then the appetizers.

Remember that dining out is more than just stuffing your face with food. But instead, a social gathering that is about having a nice talk with friends and laughing.

  • Skip sugary deserts

If you follow all the tips in this article, chances are you were able to have a nice dinner eating a little bit of everything and without harming your diet too much. But then it comes the time for the deserts. Instead of ordering an Ice Cream or Chocolate cake, what about a cup of coffee?

You can order something with a sweet hint instead of going all out. If you follow the Flexible diet you are able to have a little more freedom in your food choices. Choose a small chocolate tablet or a sweet tea to end the meal. If you truly feel like spoiling yourself and your flexible diet allows it, order a smaller portion or share with friends.

  • Conclusion

The Flexible diet allows you to be able to enjoy a nice dinner out with friends here and there. You will also have more freedom in your food choices for the night. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just eat without think of your meal plan. Here’s what we learned:

  • Eat before leaving the house
  • Try Intermittent Fasting
  • Look up the restaurant before leaving the house
  • Order water first
  • Order a salad to start the meal
  • Choose your dessert wisely

By following these tips, you will be able to stick to your diet without having to give up on nice outings with friends. It is worth to also remember that a free dinner here and there without much worries won’t invalidate your whole diet.

It is ok as long as they happen on special occasions and don’t become a habit. Following a more Flexible diet is all about having more freedom like this. Which will then, help you keep going and not give up.